Exclusive Gift From Washington Apple!

Exclusive Gift From Washington Apple!


🇺🇲🍎 What is Washington known for? Apples, of course! 😋 Dive into delicious US apples! The apples are grown in pristine Washington State orchards - the best place on Earth to grow apples, where apples are carefully tended and hand-picked at perfection. 🌟 Order of any kind from our Washington Apple collection (Red Delicious, Gala, Granny Smith, Cosmic Crisp, Ambrosia) and get a unique code (order code) via email after delivery, from Jan 01st - Feb 07th. Hint: you could order as many orders as you want, and receive code for each eligible order. More code, definitely a higher chance to win! 🎁 Unlock a chance to win a healthy gift box from Feb 01st - Feb 07th, only for Choppian. This unique box includes: 🗓️ Planner Of Good Health & Habit Training With Washington Apples 🧧 Lucky money sets with motivational quotes 🥗 Wooden salad bowl 🔖 Apple varieties bookmark/keychain 🎉 Good luck to you and happy new year!
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