Service Policy

  1. What is Chopp?
  • Chopp is a convenient mobile-first on-demand grocery service that provides world-class customer service experience and fully supports both English & Vietnamese languages. With cutting edge technology and operation, Chopp delivers groceries to your door in one hour (for order from a single store). Chopp is neither a retailer nor a seller of groceries or other merchandises.
  1. Where are Chopp available now?
  • We are only available in Ho Chi Minh City for now. Stay tuned and we will let you know when we are available at your city.
  1. How does it work?
  • Simply explore and make an order from 40+ trusted stores in our app providing everything from local food and specialties to hi-end and imported food, from wine and craft beer to USDA certified organic vegetables and fruits…
  • Your well-trained personal shopper will hand-pick the items at the stores and our "chopper" (courier) will come to the store(s) to pick-up the items and deliver right to your order. This whole process could happen within 1 hour for order from a single store.
  1. Shoppers & choppers, who are they?
  • Shoppers are the ones who handpick the items for you directly at the stores. Choppers are the friendly couriers who pick up the items at stores and deliver to you.
  • Both shoppers and choppers are carefully recruited and employed by Chopp. Before being on-board, they are fully trained on several topics from food safety to product assessment. We want to make sure that your groceries are of highest quality and freshness and most importantly, always on time.
  • Do you want to be a part of Chopp? Browse for more information about our Choppers and Shoppers team
  1. Why is Chopp different from other grocery delivery services?
  • With Chopp, customers are able to order grocery from multiple stores and delivered in one basket. We are also proud of our convenient and easy-to-use mobile app, you can browse and shop anywhere, anytime.
  • Chopp is here to bring you world-class customer service and experience. Our professionally-trained Shoppers & Choppers are working hard everyday (while still enjoying it!) to bring the safest and freshest groceries to you and your family.
  1. How can I start using Chopp?
  1. How do I sign up for a membership?
  • There’s no membership. You just need to download the app or visit and start browsing items from our trusted local stores right away. Once you’re ready to check-out, simply register for a Chopp account and you’re all set!
  1. How does Chopp shop for my grocery?
  • The shopping is carefully done by our Shoppers. All Shoppers are well-trained by professionals from food safety to product assessment. They will hand pick your groceries at the stores and Choppers will deliver them to your place.
  1. How are my frozen foods stored during delivery?
  • We have a standardized storing container for perishable items during delivery, which is guaranteed to keep the appropriate temperature for each kind of product, prevent cross-contamination and ensure overall freshness. Chopp delivery boxes and reusable and earth-friendly totes are all custom-made to keep the products in the best conditions.
  1. What if the items are out-of-stock? How are they handled?
  • When an item you want to order is out-of-stock, shoppers will try to find the exact item from other partner stores.
  • In case the product is not available, we will contact you to see if you want a replacement. If you choose not to take the substitute products, it will be automatically taken out of your order.
  • Note that late confirmation could delay your order, which you will be informed of by our staff.
  • During the checkout process, you will be asked to choose how you would prefer your order to be handled in case there are out-of-stock items.
  1. How do I track my order delivery?
  • You are able to track your order in real time by SMS message sent to your phone.
  1. Is there a minimum order value?
  • In order for Chopp to maintain operations, each order has to have a minimum value of VND 100,000.
  1. What are your operating hours?
  • We process orders from 8:00am to 8:00pm, and deliver from 9:00am to 9:00pm on weekdays. On Saturday and Sunday, our operating hours is from 9am to 6pm.
  1. What payment method can I use?
  • We support cash on delivery or payment via Timo debit card for now. Credit card payment is coming soon. Stay tuned!
  1. What is Chopp’s Credit and how can I use them?
  • Any amount of credits available on your account will be used directly in your next order!
  1. How can I change details about my order after check-out?
  • You can leave us a request in the chat section of our app or website, or call us at 02862915254.
  1. Why does my bill increase/decrease upon delivery?
  • From product substitution to actual weight of fresh product, a number of issues could have caused the total amount to fluctuate. Worry not as we always inform customer to make sure they stay on top of the changes.
  1. How is Chopp’s service fee measured?
  • Our service fee is measured by the number of stores you order from. Each store is 20,000 VND. Try to experience all our awesome partner stores as we won’t charge any service fee for your first order!
  1. How can I order on website?
  • Chopp is available on our website and mobile app (iOS and Android).
  1. I can’t sign in with my account. How do I get it back?
  • Make sure you use the same Gmail/Facebook account as when you first signed up in our app. If you are not sure, feel free to contact us for further support.
  1. Why are some products priced higher then what I find in the shop?
  • Some products in Big C and Metro supermarket are subjected to daily market price fluctuation. In order to improve the customer shopping experience, prices of these products are set by Chopp based on the prices from our partner stores.
  1. There is no option to set up 1 hour delivery in your app. Where can I find it?
  • 1-hour delivery (a.k.a on-demand delivery) is only applicable for order from a single store.
  1. Wait! You still have questions left!?