Te Te White Ale

case (330ml x 20 bottle)
Quantity:1 case
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Packaging330ml x 20 bottle
BrandTê Tê Craft Beer
Minimum1 case
Increment1 case
TE TE WHITE ALE - WHEAT MALT, OATS, ORANGE PEEL & CORIANDER SEED Tê Tê White Ale - 5.5% ABV - 19 IBUs is a Belgian-style wheat beer; light and refreshing brewed with wheat malt, orange peel and a touch of coriander. PUTS A SPRING IN YOUR STEP Tê Tê White Ale; orange peel and coriander seed Belgian style wheat beer 5.5% ABV 19 IBUs. INGREDIENTS - Malt, Wheat & Oats: Pilsner and pale ale barley give the beer a malty, medium body flavor, enriched with wheat and oats that gives the beer a pale and cloudy appearance. - European Hops: Light touches of European Noble hops enhance the beer’s aroma, giving it a crisp, tangy finish. - Orange Peel & Spices: Late additions of orange peel and coriander seed give the beer fresh, citric top notes.
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