Tangerine Seeds & Mung Bean Paste Cendol Sweet Soup

—Bep Gia Dinh

A small bowl of cendol and natural coloured water chestnuts is really a great choice of drink for kids.
200gwater chestnut
500gtapioca starch
300gwhite sugar
1panda leaves
Pandan Leaf
300gpeeled mung beans
Mung Bean PMT
+coconut milk
  1. Tangerine seeds: Peel the beetroot and cut into pieces. Then, blend or press to take the juice. Wash and cut the screwpine. Next, blend and filter for the extract. Divide the screwpine extract into 2 parts, use one part for coloring the water chestnuts and the latter for making cendol. Peel the water chestnuts & drench in salt water. Take them out, cut into pieces and heat them. Then, put them in cold water to keep crispy. Take them out and drench one part in screwpine extract and one in beetroot juice separately. After that, take them out and shake them in tapioca starch. Heat them in hot water until the flour is crystal clear.
  2. Mung bean paste: Wash the mung beans. Cook them in 300g sugar and water. Stir and press them or blend them to have mung bean paste.
  3. Cendol: Heat the second part of screwpine extract, add 200g of tapioca starch and knead them. Pour water in the flour gradually. If the dough is dry, pour more water. If the dough is wet, add more dry flour. Cut the dough into strings and powder with the dry flour for not being sticky. Heat the strings until they float on water. Next, put them into cold water. Then, take out and let them dry.
  4. Coconut milk: Add sugar into coconut milk, season the mix. Add tapioca starch in them. Then, heat the combination until they become condensing.
  5. Serve the mung bean paste in a glass, add the water chestnuts and cendol. Pour the coconut milk and add some ice.

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