Tenderness Of The Central 1 (Box For 6)


Main Ingredients: - Free-range Vietnamese Traditional Chicken. 1 whole chicken/box (1.6kg/whole) + chicken viscera - Vissan pork w/ Food Safety Certificate - Vegetables from Cò Natural Deli ( directly delivered from farms at Dong Nai and Da Lat) Ingredients of 4 dishes (portion for 6 people): 1. Boiled pork w/ fish sauce 2. Chinese cabbage rolls with featherback soup 3. Boiled chicken with lime leaf 4. Stewed beef with sugar cane
1Tenderness Of The Central 1 (Box For 6)
500gPork Saussage Wraped In Banana Leaves
Vissan Pork Lean Roll
500gScallion Bulb With Dry Shrimp

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