Thailand Hotpot

—Bep Gia Dinh

Thailand Hot Pot is spicy, sour and sweet work together, will give you an amazing taste that you cant stop enjoy that hotpot.
0.5kgbeef tenderloin
Australia Brisket
Black Tiger Prawn
Squid Fillets
1kgpork bones
Pork Bone
0.5 kgclam
Lenger Clean Clams
2 góinoodle
Vị Hương Instant Noodle
1pack of thai hotpot extract
Thai Hotpot Aji Quick Spice Powder
200gsuper-sized elephant-ear
Taro Stems
+garlic, chili, spring onion, galangal, lemongrass
1 wholeonion
Da Lat Onion
50gbanana flower
Organic Banana Flower
100gwater spinach
Water Spinach VietGAP
100gstraw mushroom
2 wholestomato
Da Lat Tomato
2 wholespotato
Da Lat Yellow Potato
300gyam bean
  1. Clean and cut vegetable, seafood, bone and beef. Soak oyster in salt water about 1 hour.
  2. To make Thai's hotpot : clean the shankbones completely, quickly poach them by boil water to make sure the bones completely clean, and get rid of the smell. Put the bones with 3 littres of water in the pot, seasoning with a bit of salt, heat to boil, get rid of the foam to help the water clear, then decrease to low heat, stew for the sweetness of the bones to come out. Peel the skin of galangal root, slice it thin. Get rid of the skin of lemongrass, smash it, cut to short parts or put it in a bunch, then put them in the pot. Seasoning with spice, fish sause, seasoning powder, lemon juice and a pack of Thai hotpot extract on the pot, season to your liking. If the pot is a bit lack of color, you could put cashew oil in for more vibrancy. "
  3. Add to 2 tsb of oil, garlic to pan to cook then add thailand hotpot flour and soup which is cooked by bone. Take all of them in pan to the pot. Add tomatoes, mushrooms and lime juice and finally add seasoning to make a delicous thailand hotpot.

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